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What is Animal Chiropractic?

In the UK, there are many people who refer to themselves as “horse backdoctors and/or manipulators”. It should be noted that to perform chiropractic treatment on animals, you must be either a Veterinary Surgeon or Human Chiropractor who has completed an approved veterinary chiropractic course. Sarah did her post graduate training in the Essentials of Veterinary Chiropractic with the International Academy of Veterinary Chiropractic (IAVC). As per the Veterinary Act, you will need to obtain your vet’s permission before a chiropractor treats your animal.

Why should my animal have Chiropractic treatment?

An animal chiropractor works by fully examining the patient – their history, gait and mobility. They are trained to recognise and treat vertebral subluxation complexes (VSC) within the spine where movement is limited. A subluxation can be caused by trauma; bad posture, overuse and/or bad habits. If a joint does not move properly, it alters the nerve signals sent to the brain and then the nervous supply to this area can change. The altered and abnormal nerve signals have a wide ranging effect on the animal’s health, influencing not only the nerves and muscles but also the internal organs and the immune system. This can lead to poor performance and injury. The goal of an animal chiropractor is to restore function and mobility influencing the nervous system in a positive way by using specific gentle adjustments.

Signs and symptoms that your animal may need to see an Animal Chiropractor

Any movement can be affected by both mechanical and neurological effects of VSC. If they exist, the animal loses their natural flexibility of their spine and it can affect their performance resulting in stiffness, muscular pain and tension.

Recognising problems in Horses:

Recognising problems in Dogs:

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